The Nylon Tender Trap [16min]

Tomato Juice Kween
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I just finished my flight duty and I’m finally on my way home... as I sit next to you at the airport waiting for my flight. I start dangling my high arched feet in my leather heels and you instinctively try to catch a glimpse of my nylon toes. You noticed a quick slip out of the heel and a strong vinegar foot odor. I am wearing a 20den nude nylon pantyhose with my really old worn out Peter Kaiser cabin crew Shoes. They both smell awful and feel moist. The inside of my shoe radiates heat as I press them accidentally[?] at your leg. My tights leaves your leg smelling of vinegar and toe jam. Are you a real gentleman who is willing to worship my sore feet even if they are sticky and smelly? What a wonderful life would that be. Having you at my feet 🥰

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The Nylon Tender Trap [16min]

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